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Specialist Orthodontic Consultation

Includes radiographs, photographs and intraoral scans for study models


Specialist Interdisciplinary Consultation

Consultation involving two or more Specialists i.e. for treatment of missing teeth Includes radiographs, photographs and intraoral scans for study models


Specialist Orthodontic Treatment Prescription

For our discharged Patients


Active Orthodontic Patients Hygienist

This service is in addition to your regular hygiene treatment provided by your dental practice


Orthodontic Appliances

Treatment is extremely individual; there are also different types of treatment and appliances. This price list should be viewed as a guide only. You will be provided with all the treatment options and their associated costs following assessment and diagnosis. Prices are for treatment to both upper and lower teeth.

Children - up to age 18 years

from £2,000

Damon Appliance Treatment

from £3,500

Damon Ceramic Appliance (Damon Clear)

from £3,750

In-Ovation L MTM

from £1,500

Incognito Lingual Appliance Treatment

from £6,000

Insignia Appliance Treatment

from £4,500

Invisalign Aligner Treatment

from £5,000

Lingual Appliance System

from £6,000

Straightwire Appliance Treatment

from £3,500

The maximum fee we charge for fixed appliance orthodontic treatment is:


Orthodontic Retainers

Your first retainers are included in your appliance fee. If you have been treated by us you will be charged the following fees for replacement retainers or repairs to fixed retainers.

Vacuum Form Removable Retainer (VFR)

£85 per arch

Bonded Retainer and VFR

£160 per arch

Removal of Bonded Retainer and VFR

£160 per arch

Emergency Services for Patients of other Orthodontists

If you are visiting the area, either on holiday or for business, or if you are studying in the area and are unable to get home to see your orthodontist and your appliance breaks the following services are available to you at Devon Square Orthodontics.

Please note that if you have moved to the area, and are part way through treatment elsewhere, you should contact us to explore the options available to you should you wish to transfer to us for completion of your orthodontic treatment.

Specialist Orthodontic Treatment Prescription (Payable at the time of booking. Includes photographs.)


Replacement of archwire

£25 per wire

Replacement of bracket (Up to a maximum of 3 brackets)

£25 per bracket

Referred Patient Services


£75 per image

3d Scans

£175, additional scans £

Cancellation Policy

We kindly request 48 hours notice when cancelling any appointments to avoid incurring charges at £15 per 15 minutes of your booked appointment.

Fees Included

  • All routine appointments whilst in active treatment.
  • All the necessary orthodontic appliances.
  • Instruction in appliance care, oral hygiene and an introductory oral hygiene kit.
  • Correspondence and administrative costs.
  • Supervision of retention during the 1st year after completion of active treatment.

Fees do not include

  • Any dental treatment required by patient’s own dentist.
  • The replacement of lost or severely damaged appliances including repeated breakages.
  • Any additional sundries (toothbrushes, mouthwash etc) after your introductory oral hygiene kit.
  • Supervision of retention beyond the 1st year following the completion of active treatment.
  • Mouthguards

Prices correct at April 2019. Prices may be subject to change.

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