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Practice Update

To All Our Patients,

We hope this finds you and your family keeping safe and well. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and understanding during these unprecedented times. 

Following the government announcement we write to you to inform you of our proposed plan for opening on a phased return basis  in the next coming weeks. We continue to work hard behind the scenes to ensure a safe return for both patients and our team .  

Our priority has always and will continue to be your safety as well as our teams. 

  • Phase 1 -  We will contact those patients who have been in communication with us during the practice closure and who have been identified by a member of our clinical team as having a significant problem with their appliance which requires attention.

  • Phase 2 - Depending on the guidance and lockdown restrictions, we then plan to start seeing patients who are in active Orthodontic treatment, for their routine adjustment. This will be managed in order of who was due to be seen at the start of ‘lockdown’. 

  • Phase 3 - Once we receive further guidance, we will then contact any of our patients who had appointments booked for the following procedures:

  • The fitting of orthodontic appliances 

  • The removal of orthodontic appliances

  • Scale and polish appointment with our Hygienist

  • Repair of multiple appliance breakages

Our Covid re-opening policy and procedure will be emailed to you with your next appointment. 

How You Can Help Us:

1. Please wait for us to contact you with your next appointment date and time.

2. We kindly ask that you continue to use email communication to enable us to provide you with the appropriate information. 

3. Continue to use our website for helpful patient information videos and advice.

4. Please report any orthodontic appliance concerns via email, with photos attached to enable us to triage your concern.

5. We have found our virtual appointment facility to be really useful in checking treatment progress during our temporary practice closure. We therefore ask that you continue to send us your photographs when requested, as this will help us to continue to monitor your treatment, and ensure you are given the appropriate next appointment. 

Whilst we share your frustrations, we really appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we begin to work to the new ‘normal’. 

Keep safe, keep smiling and we look forward to welcoming you back to the practice as soon as we are able to.

Best Wishes,

Devon Square Orthodontics.

Helpfor taking photos of braces at home

Here at Devon Square Orthodontics we want to ensure we are able to give as much help and advise as we canduring this uncertain time and therefore have put together some Q&A's which we hope will help answerany questions that you may have.

Problems with my fixed brace

I have a fractured bracket, does it need to be re bonded?

A: No. If the bracket is on the wire then leave it there, after brushing your teeth you can place somewax on it, if it is required to stop it from swiveling around on the wire. If the bracket has come awayfrom the wire then it is ok to leave.

I have swallowed one of my brackets.

A: Please do not be alarmed if you have swallowed one of your brackets, it will pass through naturallywithout causing any internal concerns.

Will my tooth move if I do not have a broken bracket re bonded?

A: If it is a bracket that was attached to the wire then this is a possibility, however this is not amajor concern and can be re bonded at a later stage. To avoid breakages please remember to look afteryour brace by sticking to the softer versions of foods, avoid biting nails, pen lids etc.

My clear elastic chain has come loose, what shall I do?

A:This elastic chain is ok to leave if it’s not causing any irritations. If the chain is flapping aroundthen you can trim the chain.

My wire has slipped to one side and is digging into my cheek, what can I do?

A: If you have recently had your appliance fitted the wire will be relatively flexible and you can tryusing your thumb nail, back of your toothbrush or the back of a teaspoon to gently push the wire backaround.

My wire is sticking out, on the website it says to trim with nail scissors….should I??

A: If you have recently had your appliance fitted the wire will be relatively flexible and you can makethe wire comfortable by tucking it under the hook of your very back brackets. You may need to place somewax in the area to keep it in place. We would not suggest that you trim your wire in case you make itworse for yourself. If you take a photo of  the area and email it into the practice we can adviseyou further. If your brace has been on for some time you are likely to be in a strong wire which in thiscase it will not be possible for you to trim the wire at home but it is more likely that the wire willjust sit alongside the teeth . 

My wire is too strong and I cannot trim it

A: If the wire you have in place is a strong wire then it will not be possible to trim it yourself. Thebest thing is to use wax to protect your cheeks from the sharp end. If you are unsure what to do thenplease send a photo and we will try and help you further. If possible try to assess whether the wire islong or if it has slipped around, check the other side and see if it has come out of the very backbracket. You might need someone to help you.

My wire has broken, can I pull it out?

A: it is not advised that you try to pull wire out of your brackets, if it is not causing you anydiscomfort then it is ok to leave. If you are concerned then please email a photo of the area and we canadvise you from there.

My teeth have started to cause discomfort? Should I be worried?

A: No you should not be concerned regarding discomfort coming and going, the arch wires we usespecifically continue to gently move the teeth. If you do have any discomfort have softer foods, colddrinks and foods, and painkillers you would take for headache ( please DO NOT use Ibuprofen)

My teeth feel mobile, should I be concerned?

A:With orthodontic treatment teeth are actively moving through bone, resulting in teeth moving andcausing some mobility, so this is normal, please do not worry. If you are concerned that a particulartooth feels more mobile than normal then again please email, send a picture and we can review why thismight be the case.

My baby tooth has come out but is attached to the wire, how do I remove it?

A: You will see that the tooth is held in by an elastic module (small doughnut shaped elastic), try toease the tooth from the wire being careful  not to break anything.

I have a tingling lips, cheek irritation, of swelling of the lips, what should I do?

If you are wearing elastic bands please stop wearing them immediately, take an antihistamine (always readinstructions to ensure it is safe for you to do so) and see if this helps, If you are not wearing anyelastics, please send a picture into the practice for further advice,if your brace was fitted over over3 or more days then it is very unlikely to be a reaction from the appliance. If the irritation iscausing respiratory problems ring 111 for advice or in an emergency dial 999.

Trauma to my face and brace what should I do?

A: If you have fallen or hit your face resulting in severe trauma to the soft tissues and appliance-

  • Firstly you could send in a picture to our email address showing the area of damage so we cangive advice.

  • or to contact 111 regarding severe facial damage. ( please be aware of the out of hours dentistand hospital dentist DO NOT treat problems restricted to orthodontics?

Problems with my elastics

Should I continue to wear my elastics?

A: please continue to wear your elastics as we have asked you to do. We will email you to ask you to takea photo of your teeth on the day when your next appointment is due so that we can assess the progressand provide appropriate advice.

What if my hook for elastics has broken/come away?

A: if you can place the elastic around your bracket do so, if this keeps coming off then don’t worry stopwearing all elastics. If you are supposed to be wearing elastics on both sides, do not wear just on oneside, stop completely.

What if the bracket I attach my elastic to has broken?

A: at this stage we will not be re bonding any brackets so stop elastics completely. If you are supposedto be wearing elastics on both the right and the left, do not wear just on the one side, you will needto stop completely.

I am running out/or have run out of elastics. What should I do?

A: Please email the practice, let us know which ones you are wearing and we will post them to you for thepostage fee (£1)

Problems with my turbos/bite blocks

My turbos have worn down and I am contacting my lower brackets when biting

A: try to be careful when biting, try not to bite tightly together. Usually when you are relaxed theteeth are not in full contact anyway.

I have lost one turbo from one side but the other one remains on the other side, does this matter?

A: you should try and bite directly on to that one turbo and try not to slide on it. Even though it willfeel strange biting on just the one, it will still be helping free the bite.

I was due tohave my braces removed and now it has been postponed

I was due to have my brace removed and it has been postponed. What will happen if I try to remove it myself?

A: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE YOUR FIXED APPLIANCE it is very irresponsible for you to attempt the removalof your brace, if you try this you may damage the teeth in the process. We will contact you to arrangeto remove your brace when the practice has been advised that it can re-open.

Will keeping my brace on longer cause any problems to my teeth?

A: as long as you are looking after the brace and ensuring that your oral hygiene (tooth brushing) is ofa high standard, then there is not an issue with the brace remaining in situ. If anything the wires arecontinuing to hold the teeth where we want them to be and help to allow the teeth to get used to theirposition.

Delayed appointments

Delaying my adjustment appointments, will this have detrimental effects on my teeth?

A: Delaying treatment would not have detrimental effects to the teeth, the specific high tech wires thatwe use are designed to continue to apply light continuous pressure so will work as expected. The onlydetrimental effects would be poor oral hygiene which can damage the enamel. Please keep up with goodoral hygiene (good brushing).

Problems with my removable retainers

My retainer has broken/distorted/has been lost/eaten by a dog and I need a new one, what should I do?

1- email the practice, we will check if you have had a recent scan and if the laboratory is able to sendretainers directly to you, there will be an extra charge of £15 on top of the replacement retainerfee.Please note this service will only be available if the laboratory is still fully functioning duringthis period. In order for us to check the fitting of your retainers we ask that you email 3x photos withthe retainer in place (front, right side and left side) as we do in surgery then we can try to reviewthe fit

2- if you do not have an up to date scan we would advise you, if possible to wear the current retaineruntil we can see you. If there is a piece that is too loose and is a choking hazard then this would notbe advised.

3 - if the retainer is distorted in areas and you need advice on what to do then please contact us andsend a picture, we can try to help.

My removable retainer/s have cracks/splits/holes in them, is this a problem?

Cracks - you may find that there are some hairline cracks on the biting surfaces of you retainer. This isok as long as they are not splits and are actually opening.

Splits - what we look for with splits is that they are not opening when they are seated (placed over theteeth). If the split is opening when seated then this may mean you need a new retainer. If it is sittingflush then hopefully this is ok for a while and it is still holding, however we cannot guaranteethis.

Holes - sometimes you will find that there are small holes appearing on the biting surfaces of theteeth,this is fine, unless they have become large and/or cause splits along the retainer. If you are atall unsure, please send pictures of the retainers in the mouth, of the concerned area and also out ofthe mouth

Problems with my removable brace

I am wearing currently having Invisalign treatment and I don’t have my next aligner...what should I do?

A:  Continue to wear your current aligner for 22 hours a day, this will hold the teeth in their newposition. It may be that we can post your next aligners but this would need to be confirmed by DrHopkins and would require photos with your current aligners in situ.

My Invisalign aligner broke/has been lost, what shall I do? 

A: If your current aligner you are wearing is broken, then it would depend on how long you have beenwearing it. If it was only 2-3 days then, it may be a good idea to go back to wearing your previousaligner until a replacement aligner is supplied 

If you have been wearing the lost/broken aligner for 5-6 days then normally it is safe to continue withthe next aligner you have been given. It may just feel tighter than normal but we would advise that youwear this for the whole week PLUS the extra days needed to make up the previous week.

I have lost an attachment from my teeth, what should I do?

A: continue to wear current aligner and do not move on to next aligner until the attachment as beenre-bonded.

Problems with my fixed (bonded) retainer.

Some glue has come away from my fixed retainer, what should I do?

A: you will need to ensure that you are wearing your removable retainers for a minimum of 10/12 hours perday. As long as you are wearing your removable retainers there shouldn’t be any movement. If yourretainers are feeling tight in the area where the glue has come away, or in any area for thatmatter,then you must increase the wear of your retainers.

My bonded retainer has come away completely

A: you will need to make sure you are wearing your removable retainers every day for a minimum of 10/12hours.

Part of my bonded retainer has come away and is hanging down, what can I do?

A: if you are currently wearing your removable retainers full time, then this will hold it in place inthis time.

If you are wearing your removable retainers nights only then dry the area really well and try the wax tohold it in place so not to irritate you during the day

If you wanted to you could wear removable retainers throughout the day but remove for eating and drinkinganything other than water.

I don’t have any wax, can I buy it from the shops?

A: It isn’t commonly available but some larger Boots stores may stock orthodontic wax.

Please could you post me some wax?

A: Yes of course for a 75p fee and £1 postage charge payable over the phone

Should you have any further questions, please contact us via email: and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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